Welcome to Joe Palumbo Soccer Academy!
Our mission is to develop, enhance, and foster the physical and mental abilities that each individual child possesses to play the game of soccer at the greatest possible attainable level. Equally building self-esteem and confidence to pursue and successfully undertake any career presented to them as adults. Our goal is to build and mentor the individual! To accomplish this, we have developed programs at this academy that will fulfill our members desires.

"He found a place where he belongs."

-Laureen Treacy

"The passion he has, the passion you all have, is infectious...... You gave soccer to all of us. We cannot thank you enough."

 -Laureen Treacy

"Just want to thank you for all you do for the boys. They had a great time today."

-Jennifer Coppola

"Italy is extraordinary and I'm SO happy you made this happen for me for soccer! I can't thank you enough."

-Elodie Jacobson

"Thanks for all you do.  It's been wonderful watching Lucas grow as a soccer player and boy with the coaching, training and love that you give him."

-Manny Arbelaez 

2014 Summer Camp Thank You Video